CBG Corp, state-of-the-art logging tools and sensors

Key Employees

  • CBG Group Photograph
  • Huey Phan – Huey has 9 years experience as an R&D technician and manager, including working for Micro Technology International in Austin. He has an Associate Degree in Electronic Technology, and is working toward a BS in Computer Engineering at UT Austin. Huey is primarily focused on the design and testing of electronic assemblies for our GRT tool.
  • Robert Helms – Bob has more than 27 years experience as an Electronics and Computer Technician. With 20 years as Manager and Trainer with the United States Air Force, Bob’s primary responsibilities at CBG are as Production Manager focused on the GRT tool.
  • Pan Suksawad – Pan has a BA degree from Mahamakut University in Thailand. Among many other qualifications, Pan brings 7 years of experience with Tensor/GE in production engineering and support, and is responsible for environmental testing and assembly of MWD Gamma-ray tools.
  • Panida Hoon – Panida has 19 years experience as a Certified Professional Electronic Assembler at Tensor/GE and other companies. She contributes assembly expertise for Through-hole and Surface-mount PCB’s and Cable Assemblies in our Gamma tools.
  • Frank Hanson – Frank has 32 years experience as an Electrical Engineer and Engineering Manager. He has worked for IBM and Texas Instruments, developing new products and systems, so he has experience solving the technical problems we so often face. Frank will be responsible for the design of new tools and as Production Manager of our Casing Inspection and Production Logging suite of tools.
  • Amalia DeLeon – Amalia has over 10 years experience as an Electronics Assembly Technician. She has worked for Nextus, Raven Industries, and Shadow Hills Industries, so she has experience solving any production problems we may face. Amalia will be responsible for production of several tools in our expanding product lines.
  • Tammi F. – Tammi has over 10 years experience in accounting and administration with companies in the Austin area. Tammi is responsible for office-management at CBG, and will often be the human voice that answers the phone and ensures that callers can talk to the person they need!
  • Scott Neves – Scott has a Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree from Rice University, and 15 years experience as a Design and Manufacturing Engineer with Schlumberger and Boeing. He will be responsible for all mechanical design at CBG including new products and sustaining work for existing products. Scott is also a named inventor on four U.S. patents and we expect he will contribute greatly in the development of innovative and reliable new products.
  • Richard Rodriguez – Richard has worked as an Electronics Technician with Westinghouse, IBM, Solectron, and Cisco Sytems. His 25 years of experience will be very helpful in manufacturing our MWD resistivity tools.
  • David Knowles – David has over 30 years experience working in a wide variety of roles based on an Electrical Engineering Technician background. He is a graduate of the Institute of Electronic Science at Texas A&M University. He has extensive R&D, product development, production support and manufacturing management experience gained primarily in the Defense Industry and previously worked for L3 Integrated Systems in Waco TX and BAE Systems in Austin. His primary focus at CBG will be General Coordination of the GRT project, to include Manufacturing, Service and Repair, Product Development and Sustaining Engineering.
  • Carlos Abido – Carlos has a BA degree in Civil Engineering from Kennedy University, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He has 20 years experience as an Electronic Engineering Technician at Applied Materials and Sanmina. Carlos will conclude his Embedded Systems Engineering studies at UC Irving, while helping CBG with Gamma tool produetion.
  • Alvin Thomas – Alvin has an Associates degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Southwest Institute of Technology in Austin. He has more than 20 years experience as an Electronic Repair Technician at Tolteq, Flextronics, BAE Systems, Foxconn, and other companies. Alvin will be helping CBG with Gamma tool production and repair.
  • Eric Sweeney – Eric has an BBA degree in Engineering Management from the University of Texas (Austin). He has worked at several companies in Austin including Advanced Communication Concepts, Advanced Energy (Aera Products), and others. He has focused on system design and firmware development, and will be helping us with new product development.


  • Tom Springer – With a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and experience in the design of Borehole Gravity logging tools with LaCoste & Romberg LLC, Dr. Springer has 20 years experience as a design engineer and in patent analysis. He is also named as inventor on five U.S. patents.
  • Derek Crocker – Derek has worked as a Well Planner and Electronics Technician with Pathfinder Energy Services, and as a Quality Manager for Red River Compression. His oilfield experience and skills in the technical area are valuable in the development of new products for CBG.