CBG Corp, state-of-the-art logging tools and sensors

Company Information


CBG Corporation was founded in 1992 by a group of engineering professionals with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art logging tools. The company is a Texas Chapter-S Corporation with two partners (President and CEO) and nineteen full-time employees.

The partners have worked together since joining the Gearhart Austin Research Center in 1984. During its first twelve years CBG Corporation worked with major service companies providing successful outsource development of advanced technology including LWD Wave-Propagation Resistivity, Wireline Array-Induction and Borehole Imaging tools. We also developed specialized cased-hole systems including a complete Production Logging stack, Formation Compaction Monitoring, Downhole RFID-tag Readers, Gravel-pack Density, and Gas Holdup tools.

Since 1998 CBG Corporation has also designed and currently manufactures a diverse range of standard products for Directional Drilling, MWD/LWD, Production Logging, Casing Inspection, Water-well inspection, and Environmental Monitoring. The company holds twelve issued U.S. patents and fourteen associated international patents, with more applications in process. New products are always based on our own inventions along with our proprietary intellectual property.

CBG Corporation has become the largest independent supplier of Gamma tools for the Directional Drilling market, with total sales of over 7000 tools operating in the USA, Canada, China, Australia, Europe, Russia, and India. We have also introduced a unique Geosteering Resistivity Tool that has found application in Unconventional (Shale-gas and Shale-oil) drilling worldwide. Even though we now concentrate on our standard products, we also customize and manufacture them to fit particular customer formats. Our products also benefit from a program of continuous improvement and upgrading of technical specifications to meet new challenges posed by advances in drilling technology.

From the beginning, CBG Corporation has been committed to supporting our customers after the sale with a strong warranty on our products. Some of our products have been returned to us for maintenance after more than 18 years in service! We also provide timely and reasonably priced repair and calibration services. This commitment has made our name highly respected in the industry.