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NGT-075 Gamma Tool

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The NGT-075 Gamma Tool design is based on the third generation of our highly successful NGT-T Gamma Tool technology that provides reliable performance even in the most severe drilling conditions.

CBG Corp. NGT-075 Gamma Ray Tool: Click for larger image.

With an outside diameter of only 0.75”, the tool is ideally suited for mounting within the drill-collar wall or in small-diameter probe based systems.

It may also be used to make superior directional gamma sensors, when multiple NGT-075 tools are placed in the collar around a Tungsten shield.

The NGT-075 uses our NextGen electronics that offer advanced performance and functionality, including a wider range of input voltage and significantly lower current drain. This reduces the load on expensive Lithium batteries.

The output circuits employ advanced protection and noise-suppression components for more reliable system performance. Electronics are encapsulated for additional shock protection. A custom-designed scintillator crystal and photomultiplier tube assembly produces an extremely sensitive and rugged sensor package.

Standard Non-Magnetic Version

The standard version of the NGT-075 is supplied with all magnetic materials removed from the tool. This is valuable in collar-mounted assemblies when it is necessary to install the tool in proximity to magnetometers. The performance is not compromised in any way.

Testing and Calibration

The graph below shows a typical temperature calibration chart for the NGT-075. Notice that we carefully control the maximum heating and cooling rate of the tool, similar to the rates experienced when tripping the well. Failure to observe this procedure when testing the tool will void the warranty.

CBG Corp.: NGT-075 Temperature Stability Chart