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NGT-B Gamma Ray

for Wireline

Overview | Specifications

The NGT-B Gamma-ray tool is used to make depth corrections to logs by identifying the location of naturally radioactive rock formations behind casing that can be correlated with open-hole logs.

CBG Corp. NGT-B Gamma Ray Tool: Click for larger image.

It uses a super-sensitive hermetically-sealed scintillator crystal and photomultiplier for maximum log quality.

Mechanical design techniques derived from MWD tools ensure a rugged and reliable tool.

The Titanium housing not only provides maximum protection in sour-gas environments, but minimizes attenuation of gamma-rays due to the low density.

The electronics are fully temperature compensated to maintain constant count-rates at all rated temperatures.

The NGT-B is available with the CBG Digital Telemetry, or as a Pulse output tool.

The graph below shows the vertical resolution of the gamma ray tool.

CBG Corp.: NGT-B Gamma-Ray Thin-Bed Resolution