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NGT-S Gamma Ray

for Wireline

Overview | Specifications

The NGT-S Gamma Ray Tool is the small diameter version of the NGT-B, with an OD of 1.375. Tool performance and stability are not sacrificed for this slim hole version of the NGT-B.

CBG Corp. NGT-S Gamma Ray Tool: Click for larger image.

This Gamma-ray tool is used to identify the location of naturally radioactive rock formations (or to correlate with open-hole logs) during production logging.

It uses a super-sensitive hermetically-sealed scintillator crystal and photomultiplier for maximum log quality. A longer crystal is used to compensate for the smaller diameter, resulting in sensitivity similar to the NGT-B.

Mechanical design techniques have been developed specifically for the MWD/Steering Tool environment to ensure a rugged and reliable tool.

The aluminum chassis not only provides maximum rigidity and strength but minimizes vibration loads due to the low mass.

The electronics are fully temperature compensated to maintain constant count-rates at all rated temperatures.