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  • Geosteering Resisitivity Tool Now Compatible with Enteq/XXT MWD System

    March 2015

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    CBG has completed integration and test of the Geosteering Resisitvity Tool (GRT) with Enteq/XXT’s MWD System allowing Enteq system owners to run geosteering and LWD jobs with CBG technology.

  • CBG Introduces Cost Savings Program During Industry Downturn

    March 2015

    CBG understands the economic pressures effecting your operations with the current downturn in our industry.  To help reduce costs during this challenging period we have reduced the price of our MWD Gamma tools by 10%.  We will also reduce charges for standard service and repair.

    The discount is effective until July 31st of this year and will have no impact on the quality of our products and service that you expect from CBG.

    Please contact CBG Corp at 512-491-7541 or email at sales@cbgcorp.com for additional information or to receive quotes.

  • CBG receives US Patent for Directional Gamma Ray Tool

    September 2014

    CBG Corporation is granted a US Patent (US 8,759,749 B2) for its directional gamma ray tool design.

    Omni-directional gamma sensors continue to serve the needs of MWD/LWD and production logging tool markets.  However increasing requirements for improved geosteering of wellbores dictates the need for directional gamma tools.  CBG’s design and patent will enable directional drillers greater ability to characterize the surrounding formation for improved bit steering.

  • Geosteering Resistivity Tool successful in over 23 different oilfields!

    October 2012

    The GRT has been operated commercially for three years by our customers in the US, Canada, and China. It was in field-testing for two years before this period. Most of the applications have been in geosteering horizontal wells in unconventional formations, but it is also used for conventional formation evaluation particularly in high-resistivity formations where wave-propagation tools are not accurate.

    Here is a list of the oilfields (followed by the state/province) for each GRT job reported to us so far:

    In the United States:

    1) Bakken (SD), Niobrara (WY), Barracuda (CO), Barlow Ranch (WY), Wolfcamp (TX), Mississippi Limestone (KS), for unconventional oil.
    2) Niobrara (CO) for shale-gas
    3) San Juan Basin (CO), for Coal-Bed-Methane.
    4) Tecumseh (OK), Campbell (WY), for conventional oil.

    In Canada:

    1) Garden Hill (NF), Montney (AB), Viking (SK), Bakken (SK), for shale-oil or shale-gas.
    2) Lloydminster (AB), Wolf Lake (AB), for heavy-oil.
    3) Carrot Creek (AB), Rock Creek (AB), Derwent (AB), Horizon (AB), West Hazel (SK), for conventional oil.

    In China:

    1) Tarim (Xinjiang) for deep carbonates oil/gas.
    2) Changqing Sulige (Inner Mongolia) for tight gas sands

    This list of 23 examples is incomplete because we do not always hear about every job run. CBG personel have been able to assist on a few of these jobs, and we always try to support our customers with advice (based on analysis of offset logs) about the suitablility of the GRT in any particular location. Call or email any questions you may have to Paul Sinclair.

  • CBG moves into new headquarters!

    June 2012

    CBG has benefitted from the dramatic increase in drilling activity in recent years and we have outgrown our previous locations. Our new headquarters are in a brand-new custom-built 15,000 sq.ft. space on the north side of Austin. We are near new developments such as “The Domain” integrated shopping/residential area, and many high-tech companies such as Applied Materials and National Instruments.

    CBG will continue to expand its product line intended for the fast-growing international Directional Drilling industry as well as new wireline tools for Casing Inspection. The company sells tools in the US, Canada, China, India, Europe, and Australia.

  • GRT completes successful test in China!

    December 2010

    Our Geosteering Resistivity Tool made good logs in Carbonate Reservoirs in China. The formations have resistivities over 10,000 ohm.meters, and no other tool (even from the major service companies) was able to measure them accurately. The GRT logged the wells with no problems, and excellent correlation with Wireline Dual Laterolog tools was demonstrated.

  • New Casing-Inspection Tool Developed for 24″ Water-wells!

    October 2010

    CBG has developed and delivered a new tool for operation in casing sizes between 12″ and 24″. In only 6 months, the new tool was designed, built, tested, and delivered to meet new requirements for inspecting large municipal and agricultural water-wells. The product will enhance our line of unique Casing-Inspection tools which includes the ICL for through-tubing applications.

  • CBG Presents Seminar on the Geosteering Resistivity Tool

    October 2010

    CBG and Compass Directional presented a “Lunch & Learn” seminar to more than 50 Geologists and Drilling Supervisors in Calgary this month. The purpose was to introduce the revolutionary new service and to contrast the capabilities of the GRT with conventional Resistivity tools. The GRT is in service and drilling wells in Alberta. Customer feedback is very positive, with successful geosteering leading to better borehole placement.

  • CBG welcomes a new Electrical Engineer.

    April 2010

    Frank Hanson has joined CBG after a long career with IBM and Texas Instruments. With a degree in Electrical Engineering, he will be helping CBG develop new products.

  • CBG presents Technical Paper at Global Petroleum Show

    April 2010

    We will be showing our latest products including the GRT at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta, June 8 – 10th. CBG will be at Booth #7349 in the newly expanded BMO center, Hall ‘D’, at Stampede Park. Paul Sinclair, CBG President, will present a paper about our Geosteering Resistivity Tool June 9th at 10:30, titled “Affordable Resistivity Geosteering for Directional Drillers”.

  • Geosteering Resistivity Tool demonstrated in Montney Horizontal Well

    February 2010

    A production version Geosteering Resistivity Tool (GRT) was demonstrated drilling a horizontal well in North-West Alberta during July 2009. The tool was run with a GE/Tensor navigation system and a Tolteq Surface System by Atlantic Directional Services Inc., of Calgary, Alberta. Real-time data were relayed through the Pason system to remote locations.

    The challenging geosteering job showed how the tool could “see” the approach of the drill-string to a shale boundary, and indicate the direction to drill to stay within a thin reservoir zone. A Resistivity/Gamma log was also generated using the high-resolution data stored in the tool memory.

  • New Gamma Tool is designed for use in Heavy-weight Collars!

    September 2009

    The NGT-CN “third-generation” scintillator type gamma probe is now available. It will find applications where the NGT-T has been used, but can overcome the loss of counts caused by thicker collars, due to its larger scintillator crystal. It is dimensionally and electrically the same as the older tool, so it is a drop-in replacement.

    Our “third-generation” technology consumes 40% less power from expensive lithium batteries while providing almost double the count-rates and retaining CBG’s exceptional temperature stability. More information is available on our NGT-CN webpage.

  • Chinese customers visit CBG

    August 2009

    Mr. Lin En Huai, Mr. Dong Quing Gang, and Ms. Jiang Jian Xin from Beijing PuLiMen visited CBG to see our production facilities and new product developments such as the GRT and Gamma Tools. They were accompanied by Ms. He Yu who is a student in this country and daughter of Mr. He Ping, General Manager of the company. Our guests enjoyed a visit to a famous local restaurant serving unique Mexican food.

  • Resistivity Tool completes multiple successful field tests !

    July 2009

    CBG GRT Field Test Summary

    NW Alberta, Canada – July 30-31, 2009
    Tool used for geosteering and in memory mode while drilling.
    Lithology: Sandstone/Shale
    Mud: Fresh water
    Hours: 26
    Resistivity range: 3 – 200 ohm-m.
    Temperature: 24 – 40 deg C.

    SW Colorado – May 18-24, 2009
    Tool used to geosteer in a coal-bed methane job.
    Lithology: Coal/shale
    Mud: Fresh water
    Hours: 116.5
    Resistivity range: 3 – 700 ohm-m.
    Temperature: 17 – 54 deg C.

    Durango, Colorado – May 3-7, 2009
    Tool used to geosteer in a coal-bed methane job.
    Lithology: Coal/shale
    Mud: KCl Brine
    Hours: 42.5
    Resistivity range: 4 – 300 ohm-m.
    Temperature: 16 – 57 deg C.

    GTI Catoosa, Oklahoma – April 22 – 24, 2009
    Tool used to drill a fresh well with EM telemetry.
    Lithology: Limestone/sandstone/shale
    Mud: Fresh water
    Hours: 12.5
    Resistivity range: 3 – 700 ohm-m.
    Temperature: 26 – 34 deg C.

    Shawnee, Oklahoma
    – Mar 7-12, 2009
    Tool using in memory mode while drilling.
    Lithology: Limestone
    Mud: Fresh water
    Hours: 87
    Resistivity range: 3 – 1400 ohm-m.
    Temperature: 26 – 50 deg C.

    Newfoundland, Canada – Nov 24 – Dec 2, 2008
    Tool used on land based drilling for 5 ½ days with real-time and memory data.
    Lithology: Dolomite
    Mud: Seawater gel
    Hours: 117
    Resistivity range: 20 – 18,000 ohm-m.
    Temperature: 28 – 65 deg C.

    GTI at Catoosa, Oklahoma – March 16-19, 2008
    Proof of Principle test.
    Tool logged a freshly drilled well as a wireline tool in memory mode.
    Lithology: Limestone/sandstone/shale
    Mud: Fresh water
    Hours: about 6 hours total
    Resistivity range: 3 – 900 ohm-m.
    Temperature: 26 – 34 deg C.

    Every test resulted in complete recovery of all data, and most tests included real-time data by mud-pulse or EM telemetry. Comparison logs are available for all tests, but in most cases they include proprietary and confidential data. There were no significant mechanical failures during any tests other than normal wear.

  • Geosteering Resistivity Tool finds OIL in Horizontal Well ! ! !

    December 2008

    A pilot-series Geosteering Resistivity Tool (GRT) was deployed in drilling an onshore/offshore horizontal well in Canada during November/December 2008. The tool was run with a GE/Tensor navigation system over a continuous logging period of 5-1/2 days without a failure by Meridian Directional Services Inc., of Calgary, Alberta. Commercial quantities of oil were discovered in several zones, which are now being completed.

    Real-time data, displayed by our patented Vector-Resistivity software, proved valuable in steering the well and in analyzing the formation properties. The target formation was Dolomite with a resistivity varying from 10 ohm.meters to more than 10,000 ohm.meters, where Wave-Propagation types of tool are inaccurate. The GRT uses an Imaging Laterolog measurement which can reliably operate over a very wide range of formation conditions. Real-time data was transmitted by mud-pulse telemetry from measured depths greater than 14,000 feet. High-resolution data stored in internal memory was recovered after drilling was complete, and translated into a detailed LAS file using our proprietary software, for analysis by oil-company geophysicists. More tests are planned in the near future. Click to view the field test photo album.

    Production has started of the 4-3/4” version of the tool, for delivery in the second quarter of 2009.

  • GRT to be demonstrated at the Calgary Global Petroleum Show

    June 2008

    CBG will return to the bi-annual show with our Geosteering Resistivity Tool actually operating on the stand. The complete system, including a Tolteq surface display running our unique patented directional resistivity graphics, will be shown. Resistivity information is color-coded and the directional component is referenced to toolface direction. Advance warning of the approach to a reservoir boundary is provided up to four feet away. A driller will be able to use the system to “steer the bit” in real time past shale beds or above oil-water contacts without needing any complex log analysis. The tool is the first to be designed at an affordable price for directional drilling companies.

    Of course, we will also show the latest developments in our industry-leading gamma probes, including our new 0.75-inch diameter version!

  • CBG introduces a new generation of Gamma Tools for MWD/LWD

    May 2008

    The first version of our “third-generation” scintillator type gamma probes is available in a diameter of only 0.75 inches. It will find applications in collar-mounted assemblies, azimuthal (directional) sensors, and small-diameter (under 3.5 inch) MWD systems. Larger diameter versions will be announced in the near future.

    Our “third-generation” technology consumes 40% less power from expensive lithium batteries (only 0.28 watts!), while providing increased count-rates and retaining CBG’s exceptional temperature stability. More information is available in the brochure.

  • Successful test of GRT at GTI Catoosa Test Facility !

    March 2008

    The Geosteering Resistivity Tool successfully logged accurate resistivity data in the Rhonda#9 well, comparing very favorably with the best available wireline log (a Schlumberger SFL).   The GRT is an Imaging Laterolog type, with a depth of investigation similar to the LLd (deep laterolog), but with a better borehole response similar to the SFL (spherically focused log).   Using the tool in memory mode rather than mud-pulse mode, the log was run and downloaded to a computer in LAS format.  It was merged with the SFL log from an offset well for comparison purposes.   Click to see actual log in PDF format.

    We thank the professional staff at Catoosa for their generous assistance in making the test possible!

  • CBG Products copied but never equaled

    September 2007

    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, it isn’t flattery when someone copies your tool design, manufactures it with inferior or low-quality components, and then under-cuts your prices! It hurts even more when customers are surprised to hear that CBG didn’t “copy” the competitor’s product. We have had this experience with our MWD Gamma tool (NGT-T), which we designed originally for Tensor (our neighbors here in Austin, Texas) some twelve years ago. We have since sold over a thousand of them, but for three years Canadian customers at the Calgary Global Petroleum Show have commented that our tool “looks just like one from another Texas company”, and ask if we had copied theirs! All we can say is that several copies of our designs have appeared in recent years, but when you look at our proven performance, competitive pricing, and service record, the others don’t stand up to the comparison. No-one else is investing in the engineering effort to customize designs, or to create new products that develop new markets for the directional drilling community. Look for CBG to lead the industry with the next generation of tools!

  • New Sales Milestone for Gamma Probes!!!

    July 2007

    CBG has sold more than 1000 of our NGT-T MWD/Geosteering Gamma-ray tools, which are successfully helping drilling operations worldwide. We have also sold hundreds of other types, such as the slim diameter (NGT-CS) and the directional tool (DGA). Of course, we continue to provide full support to our customers with fast-turn repair and calibration services. Other companies have copied our designs, but none have equalled the unique performance and reliability of CBG tools.

  • Chinese Visitors welcomed at CBG

    May 2007

    Mr. Mo FuGui and Ms. Bai Zan from Beijing Hailan Technology Ltd. visited CBG to see our production facilities and get a glimpse of new product development. They were also introduced to some of the Austin, Texas cultural scene! Paul Sinclair and Chris Schnoor then accompanied them on a tour of the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

  • Pan Suksawad joins the CBG Team

    November 2006

    CBG is pleased to announce the addition of Pan Suksawad to the Engineering staff. With an BA degree from Mahamakut University in Thailand, Pan brings 7 years of experience with Tensor/GE in production engineering and support.

  • Arphon (Lua) Sengsouvanh joins the CBG Team

    November 2006

    CBG is pleased to announce the addition of Lua Sengsouvanh to the Engineering staff. With 14 years of experience at Tensor/GE in manufacturing of MWD and steering tools, Lua brings some special talents to CBG.

  • New Website Goes Online

    October 2006

    The new CBG Web Site goes on-line. With updated product information, useful links, downloadable catalogs, and current information, this site is a dramatic improvement over the previous one.

  • China Visit

    October 2006

    Paul Sinclair, Chris Schnoor and Tom Springer travelled to Beijing to visit with current and prospective customers. Along with business and technical discussions, visits were made to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

  • Rick Trommer Receives Promotion

    September 2006

    CBG is please to announce the promotion of Rick Trommer to Manager of Production and Support for the expanding gamma ray tool product line. CBG is a leader in the production of natural gamma ray tools for MWD and wireline applications. Mr. Trommer has been with CBG for several years and was previously with IBM for over 30 years as an Electronics Technician and Assembler with specialties in Test, Repair and Failure Analysis.

  • Howard Glueck joins the CBG Team

    July 2006

    CBG is pleased to announce the addition of Howard Glueck to the Engineering staff. With an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas, Mr. Glueck brings over 30 years of Engineering experience with IBM in new product development and production support.

  • CBG Moves to New Office

    July 2006

    CBG moved its facility to a more modern and significantly larger location. Now located at 2601 McHale Court, Suite 145, Austin, Texas, 78758, CBG offices and manufacturing are located in this new 7000 sq. foot facility in the heart of Austin’s high-tech industry.

  • Global Petroleum Show, Calgary, Alberta

    June 2006

    CBG participated in the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, with an expanded booth that introduced the new Geosteering Resistivity Tool, GRT. The GRT which is scheduled to be commercial in early 2008 received a very positive response from all sectors of the drilling industry. Along with a graphical representation of the tool and its response, a new surface display was shown that incorporates directional Resistivity on the standard compass-rose drillers panel. Various gamma ray tools and the CBG Production Logging tools were also displayed.