CBG Corp, state-of-the-art logging tools and sensors

Partners and Managers

    Paul Sinclair – Partner and President
    With a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Manchester University (UK), Dr. Sinclair has 45 years experience in the oil well logging industry. He is the author of 36 U.S. and more than 75 international patents, and has published several papers on new logging tool designs at International Conferences, including two that were voted “Best Paper” at SPWLA Annual Symposia. Paul has specialized in Resistivity, Nuclear and Production Logging tool design for Wireline and MWD applications, working for Schlumberger, Gearhart, Halliburton, and consulting for several other service companies. During his career, he has been responsible for more than 26 new tool designs. A member of SPE, SPWLA, SEG, and AAPG, his current duties include new product development, technical marketing, and technical management.

    Chris Schnoor – Partner and CEO

    Mr. Schnoor has a BS degree in Communications and 32 years experience in the well logging industry. He has worked for NL McCullough, Gearhart, and Halliburton as an R&D Technician and is named as an inventor on four U.S. patents.
    As our Chief Executive Officer he has been most responsible for the rapid growth in our company during the last ten years including hiring and managing talented personnel, building up our manufacturing capabilities, and developing a broad customer base on an international level.