Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Tools
Downhole Tools

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Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Tools
Downhole Tools

For more information on any of our products or services please call us at the number above or click here for a quick quote:

Products and Solutions

With more than 25 years of Innovative and Reliable products and Design Solutions for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry, CBG offers a complete line of downhole tools including Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Tools, LWD Gamma Tools, Wireline Production Logging Tools and Casing Inspection Tools.

CBG is the leading worldwide supplier of MWD and Logging While Drilling (LWD) gamma tools. The probe based NGT-T gamma tool is the industry standard. Originally designed for the first Tensor system in 1993, it continues to lead the way in measuring naturally occurring gamma radiation emitted from the formation surrounding the drill bit.

Small diameter scintillator gamma tools are meeting the design requirements for newer Collar Mounted applications. The NGT-075 is the smallest diameter scintillator gamma on the market at only ¾” OD. The NGT-CSX at 1.05” OD is still small enough to be mounted within the drill collar but with a higher sensitivity.

CBG also supplies Directionally sensitive or “focused” gamma tools such as the DGA, DGA-C and the new Dual-Detector, DDG for Azimuthal gamma measurements.

In addition to our catalog of standard CBG gamma sensors, we are ready to work with your engineers to develop custom designed technology solutions to meet your specific requirements. We have designed and currently manufacture more than 15 custom gamma tools for customers around the globe.

Prior to focusing our attention on  Directional Drilling and LWD tools, we designed and began supplying a complete suite of Production Logging tools. Consisting of a string of individual tools and sensors each connected together via GO single-pin connectors, the PL string provides a full set of measurements in any combination of oil, gas and water in producing wells. Consisting of standard measurements like Pressure, Temperature, Density, Capacitance and Flow, the PL string also provides accurate depth correlation with Gamma-Ray and Collar Locator sensors.

More than simply detecting the presence of casing collars, the patented ICL, Induction Collar Locator also serves as a casing inspection tool. An electromagnetic measurement utilizing the technique of remote field eddy current testing (RFT), measures other mechanical features of the casing such as wall thickness variations caused by corrosion or perforations.

Expanding on the success of the ICL, CBG developed a larger scale version of the tool for large diameter water-well casing inspection, the CITM or Casing Inspection Thickness Measurement tool. It is the only water-well casing inspection tool capable of simultaneously measuring casing weight, internal casing diameter, collars, centralizers, perforations and internal or external corrosion. The CITM provides valuable information on casing irregularities often missed by video survey tools.

As Directional Drilling continues to push the limits with faster ROP and longer laterals, these tools must also continue to improve to meet these real time data and data rate challenges. CBG goes to great lengths to insure their products are reliable and up to the challenge with advanced in-house testing. Utilizing the recently installed HASS environmental test chamber, every CBG product is subjected to extensive high temperature and vibration testing to ensure reliable drilling tools performance and data transmission from the start of the job through its completion.

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CBG’s New Faces

CBG is pleased to announce the addition of two industry leaders, Bill Tapie and Chris Fuller, to our organization.

Bill has extensive engineering leadership experience in the MWD/LWD gamma tools industry and brings with him over 20 years of downhole tools design and now leads CBG’s engineering team.

Chris has over 25 years of business development experience, including orientation modules and complete MWD/LWD systems. He now leads CBG’s sales and marketing group.

For more information on Bill and Chris, and other members of our team, please see the Leadership page on our website.

Pictured above: Thermatron AST-35 HASS chamber with RSL-16-SCI multi-axis repetitive shock vibration system testing 8 CBG gamma tools

Enhanced Reliability Tests

Introducing CBG’s latest commitment to insuring the most reliable downhole tools on the market. The recently installed Thermatron HASS chamber enhances our ability to more accurately simulate real drilling environments with simultaneous 3-axis vibration and temperature profiles. Every CBG tool is tested under severe conditions to insure their reliable success during drilling or logging operations. No other equipment supplier takes their products reliability more seriously than CBG.

Gamma Tools

Probe and collar mounted scintillator gamma tools

Production Logging Tools

Pressure, Temperature, Collar Locator, Gamma, Fluid Density and Capacitance, Flow with single-conductor high speed telemetry

Casing Inspection Tools

Measurements of casing weight, internal casing diameter, internal or external corrosion, perforations in small diameter Oil & Gas production or large diameter water-well casing.

Custom Designs

CBG will design a custom gamma tool to meet your unique specifications. Whether a modification to an existing tool design or an entirely new model, our Engineers will work with you to design exactly what you need.


Calibration, Maintenance and Repair. High level performance testing.

World Leader in Directional Drilling Sensors

CBG is the largest supplier of Gamma Tools, with more than 20 models and over 7500 tools in operation worldwide.  Originally designed for the Tensor system in the early 90’s, the NGT-T gamma tool was the first of its kind available to the independent Directional Drilling industry.  With more than 150 companies worldwide currently using the NGT-T gamma tool, it remains the most reliable and cost effective tool in the industry to support horizontal and directional drill’s services.

Our Tools Have Been Used All Over The World

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